Basic policy
In conducting business, the Company recognizes that a company is a member of society, strives to reduce the burden on the environment in all of its business activities, and provides products and services that take environmental conservation into account By doing so, we contribute to the construction of a society where sustainable development is possible. 

Action Guidelines
(1) We regard environmental conservation efforts as one of the most important management issues and work on conserving and improving the environment throughout the entire company.
(2) We will comply with environmental laws, ordinances, etc. and also develop environment-related regulations and clarify role and responsibility regarding environmental conservation.
(3) We set environmental objectives and targets, and make efforts to continuously improve and improve environmental conservation activities.
(4) We strive to reduce environmental burdens such as prevention of pollution, reduction of waste generation, reuse, recycling, resource saving, energy conservation, etc. in all business activities such as product sales, service, materials and parts procurement, regeneration, disposal etc.
(5) We strive to provide all of our employees with the most comfortable and safe work environment possible. To then end, we supply forklift roof covers and forklift cab enclosures that provide weather protection and comfort for lift truck operators. By using a forklift canopy, operators can work in relative comfort and stay perfectly dry. All drivers are supplied with forklift plastic covers for their comfort. By using an atrium full lift truck enclosure, operators are happier and more productive. 

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